Important news for Magic Roads

Important news for Magic Roads

Armenia Georgia

Part of the Magic Arabia group and the Tourism Connection® portfolio, one of the most well-known and appreciated DMCs by Italian tour operators and travel agencies with offices in Dubai, Oman and Jordan, today it broadens its range, thus covering in a more widespread way, with owned offices, new and emerging destinations along the Silk Road such as Armenia and Georgia.

The services offered by the DMC range from tailor-made individual trips to large incentive groups, to tours with guaranteed departures with a minimum of two participants.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the planned destinations, an Italian speaking staff acts as a valid consultant for the success of high quality value travel. Last but not least, the privileged relationship with hoteliers and local suppliers guarantees the best value for money (

Armenia. Armenian writing has been included in the list of intangible cultural heritage.

Armenia. Armenian writing has been included in the list of intangible cultural heritage.


The art of Armenian writing and its cultural interconnections constitute a centuries-old art of Armenian letter making, the rich culture of letter decoration and its various uses, as the UNESCO report has shown. Armenian writing is based on the Armenian alphabet created in 405 AD. by Mesrop Mashtots, according to the principle “a letter for a sound”. The element also stands out for its wide range of ornamental scripts, generally classified according to their shapes; knots, birds, animals, mythological or imaginary characters and creatures.

Since their invention, Armenian letters have not only performed their main function of creating written heritage, but have also been used to represent numbers, encrypted languages. Always, the letters are also used in crafts.

The art of Armenian writing has penetrated almost all layers of society, especially popular art. It is practiced throughout the Armenian territory and is an integral part of the cultural identity of the Armenian people. Those who spread this art are artists, carpet weavers, embroiderers, sculptors, linguists, calligraphers, jewelers and others.

Marrakech will be the first Capital of Culture in Africa in 2020

Marrakech will be the first Capital of Culture in Africa in 2020

Marocco Marrakech

Marrakech one of Morocco’s most iconic cities, has been crowned as the first African Capital of Culture 2020. The nomination was awarded to the red city because of its architectural, artistic and cultural legacy. Marrakesh is already home to two Unesco-listed World Heritage sites: the famous square of Djemaa El Fna and its labyrinthine medina, the walled old city.

Marrakesh is increasingly on travellers’ radars, as the government has been doing more to improve infrastructure throughout the country, including revamping a number of medinas. The number of foreign tourists rose about 15% from 2017 to 2018, and Morocco is growing in popularity with travellers from the US.

The 2017 opening of Yves Saint Laurent Museum, dedicated to the eponymous French fashion designer who called Marrakesh home for a number of years, solidified Marrakesh’s place as a hub for art and design.

The program of events for 2020 has not yet been defined. The cultural world of Morocco is in turmoil: the crown of African cultural queen will be an impulse to increase the popularity of a city that can enchant and amaze like few others.

The program of events for 2020 has not yet been defined.

Moroccan artists and journalists are in turmoil: being the cultural capital of Africa will increase the popularity of a city able to enchant and amaze like few others.

Pro-Am The Residence Tunis: 5-star golf and relaxation

Pro-Am The Residence Tunis: 5-star golf and relaxation


An event for professionals, or simple enthusiasts, which will start on October 31st 2019. The Pro-Am The Residence, now in its third edition, is certified by the French PGA, supported by Tunisair, Tunisia’s Tourist Board and sponsored by the Tunisian Golf Federation.

The charming golf course of The Residence Tunis, 5-star luxury hotel, hosts the third edition of the Pro-Am The Residence. The competition, which has managed to carve out an important space among golf enthusiasts, will start on October 31st and end on November 3rd 2019.

Certified by the French PGA, the event counts the collaboration of important Partners such as Tunisair (which offers direct flights from Italy, with only one hour and 50 minutes journey time), Tunisian Tourist Board and Tunisian Golf Federation.

A unique opportunity to experience the thrill of playing together with the best professional golfers in the world on a magnificent 18-hole golf, designed by the famous architect Robert Trent Jones Jr, one of the most beautiful in North Africa and to test their own competitive skills through a series of obstacles designed and skillfully distributed along the water paths between the contours of the salt lake.

Particular attention was paid to the layout of the route in order to respect the natural landscape, creating not only one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Mediterranean, but also one of the most environmentally friendly. The par 72, 6,451 meters long parcourse, ensures fun and competition for players of all levels, from simple enthusiasts to the greatest professionals.

After an exciting day of competitions, it will be possible to take refuge in the relaxing and luxurious atmosphere of The Spa & Thalasso, inspired by the evocative atmosphere of ancient Roman baths. The Spa & Thalasso (which covers an area of 3,500 square meters) is a true temple of well-being, has 18 massage rooms, an oriental hammam, a sauna and two terraces where you can enjoy the treatments. For maximum relaxation, a unique experience is to slip into the suggestive sea water swimming pool, covered by a majestic dome and surrounded by a lush garden. The Spa & Talasso offers beauty and wellness treatments exclusively designed for the Resort by Espa, a leading brand in the Spa sector, based on natural and purifying elements from Tunisia and the Mediterranean Sea.

Excitement goes beyond the green for non-golf guides who can embark on a cultural journey to discover the charming seaside town of Sidi Bou Saïd, the ruins and baths of Antoninus in Carthage, the beautiful La Medina of Tunis, a UNESCO heritage site , and the Bardo National Museum – the largest museum in North Africa.

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Luxury Desert – Comfort in the dunes

Luxury Desert – Comfort in the dunes


The humps of the camels on the horizon, the sinuous sand dunes that turn red at sunset, the smell of mint tea and the disarming silence all around: this is the magic of the desert. The experience of the tented camp today with Magic Camps Wahiba Sands is certainly up to the most demanding guests who do not want to give up any comfort.

The new eco-luxury Magic Camps Wahiba Sands perfectly combines elegance and comfort with nature and respect for local traditions. With its exclusive design and location away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the Magic Camps Wahiba Sands offers guests a unique and suggestive experience immersed in the magic of the Omani desert. The luxurious curtains offer cozy and refined interiors in perfect Arab style with precious fabrics and traditional furnishing elements that give the rooms a touch of Arab magic. Each tent is equipped with comfortable beds with prestigious linens, private bathrooms and a comfortable shower. Lighting with only candles and oil lamps creates a magical atmosphere.

Enveloped by the silence of the desert, by the golden light of the morning or by the glitter of the stars that light up the night, you can enjoy delicious breakfasts or gourmet dinners prepared by skilled chefs with local products of the highest quality to taste dishes of the Omani culinary tradition.

In the heart of the field, the welcoming lounge area decorated with Berber carpets and hanging lanterns is a welcoming space to share stories with other travelers. For an intimate and unforgettable experience, you can choose an isolated tent behind the dune or a canopy bed open to the sky.

The gazebo tent with fabulous pillows, local carpets and torches as the only lighting is the perfect place to rest and enjoy the fiery sunsets over the desert dunes or admire an incredible starry sky in total relaxation. During the day it will be a succession of activities: from the adrenaline “dune bashing” to climb the dunes with a 4×4 jeep, to a relaxing walk on camels, the Magic Camps Wahiba Sands offers the possibility to live intensely the magic of the desert. The field does not have electricity but uses only solar energy. The evening lighting is obtained with candles, oil lamps and an outbreak giving the atmosphere a romantic vein for

Eco-friendly turnaround for the two Resorts The Residence Maldives

Eco-friendly turnaround for the two Resorts The Residence Maldives


Important “green” measures implemented by The Residence Maldives Falhumaafushi and The Residence Maldives Dhigurah to safeguard the environment, reduce emissions and waste materials

The motto of “going green” The Residence Maldives Falhumaafushi and The Residence Maldives Dhigurah have given a decidedly more ecological turn within their prestigious 5-star facilities located in the most beautiful and unspoiled corners of the Maldivian archipelago.

Always attentive and sensitive to environmental issues, The Residence Maldives by Cenizaro Resorts have decided to pursue this new ecological challenge with a series of small but significant measures to limit the impact of emissions of anhydride carbon and the production of waste materials that are harmful to nature.

As part of these initiatives, The Residence Maldives Falhumaafushi and the new born The Residence Maldives Dhigurah have installed a water bottling plant, replacing plastic bottles with more eco-friendly glass bottles. Pervasive pollution from plastics, especially at sea, is the second environmental emergency after climate change and the two problems are closely related.

In this way, not only will the use of plastic in resorts be reduced, but also carbon emissions as it will no longer be necessary to transport water bottles to the structures. Each villa will be daily and free of charge with 3 1-liter bottles of natural glass water. Both natural and sparkling water options, even in smaller 500ml bottles, are available at various resort eateries.


This represents a further step that adds to the anti-ocean pollution policy of the oceans and the deleterious effects it has on coral reefs and on the survival of mammals and filter fish such as whales and manta rays, as well as on dolphins and many species of seabirds. In fact The Residence Maldives Fhalumaafushi and The Residence Maldivest Dhigurah have already considerably reduced the use of plastic, replacing the classic plastic straws with those of paper, take away food containers with appropriate aluminum boxes and wooden pallets for cocktails and drinks took the place of plastic ones.

FORMULA 1® has officially announced schedule of Formula 1 2020

FORMULA 1® has officially announced schedule of Formula 1 2020

An Hoi Gran Premio di Formula 1 Vietnam

F1 Vietnam Grand Prix will be hosted from 3rd April to 5th April 2020 in Hanoi, right after Melbourne (Australia), Bahrain circuit and before Shanghai (China) circuit!

Vietnam Travel & Cruise officially becomes the ticket agent of Formula 1® racing in Hanoi – April 2020.

Our packages are available and hotels are secured at most attractive prices.

Choices of accommodation are secured at good rate (limited rooms only)as well as some packages to discover Hanoi & Vietnam beauties

Free visa invitation letter for travel packages with Vietnam Travel & Cruise

Hurry up and own your tickets to experience full 3-day with adrenaline and intense performances.

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From 4 to 10 September the Pope will travel to Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius

From 4 to 10 September the Pope will travel to Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius

Madagascar Mauritius

After 4 years, the Holy Father will return to Africa as “Pilgrim of Peace, Hope and Reconciliation”, as the respective countries say

In Madagascar after John Paul II

Friday 6 September, the arrival in Antananarivo with the welcome ceremony is scheduled for 4.30pm. On Saturday 7 September the day will open with a courtesy visit to the President at the Presidential Palace “Iavoloha”, then the speech to the Authorities, to the civic society and to the diplomatic corps and, before lunch in “Nunziatura”, Francis will stop at the Monastery of the Carmelites barefooted. The afternoon and the whole of Sunday 8 September will be dedicated to the Catholic community which in Madagascar represents about a third of the population (around 8 million out of 25), most of them Christian (58%), accompanied by the strong presence of traditional cults.

On 9 September, a visit to Mauritius

The last day of the Pope’s journey, 9 September, will be dedicated to Mauritius Island where the origins of the Church go back to the 17th century and the first Mass was celebrated by the Jesuits in 1616.

“It will be a joy for me to announce the Gospel in the midst of your people, which stands out for having been formed by the meeting of different ethnic groups, and therefore enjoying the richness of various cultural and religious traditions”. The Pope says this in a video message of greeting and thanks sent to the people of Mauritius in the imminence of his apostolic journey.

If one of the peculiarities of Mauritius is represented by the emblematic slogan: “The island of a thousand smiles”, today the Pope’s visit validates this characteristic once more.

Certainly, the Republic of Mauritius, the group of islands off the coast of Madagascar that the Pope is about to visit, is an example of a peaceful and democratic society that has made coexistence between ethnic, religious and cultural groups its strength. Who considers it a part of the West in Africa, who is the place closest to the concept of earthly paradise in the world.

If Francesco, on his long journey to southern Africa has chosen to stop in this country and its 1.3 million inhabitants, it is probably also for this important reason.




Ramadan corresponds to the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and its frequency varies from year to year as the calendar is based on the phases of the moon. And it is the month dedicated to “fasting” (sawan), one of the five pillars of Islam

This year, in Morocco, Ramadan starts on May 5th and ends on June 4th

It is a very significant moment: from dawn to sunset all adult Muslims are required to observe abstinence (or fasting) from food, drink, tobacco, sexual activities to focus on their spiritual renewal.

And life transforms and runs in “slow motion”, since fasting is not easy for anyone to bear …

At sunset, after the fourth prayer of the day, we all gather for the iftar, the meal that is consumed to break the fast and which consists of dates, vegetable soup (harira), and chebakia (typical sweets), milk and water at will.

Public services and often even shops apply a reduced time to adapt to these new habits

And the evening becomes the most lively and folkloric moment of the day, when the streets are filled with life, lights, music and sweet temptations at every corner. After an iftar with dates and other tasty foods, people of all ages indulge in some sweet comfort and often party until late.

No foreigners of other religions are required to observe fasting (on the other hand even Muslims on the go are not obliged to do so), but it is good to avoid, out of respect and solidarity, to eat and drink in public in front of other people who practice ‘abstinence.

And it is important to respect the moment of Islamic prayer and of the “breaking of the fast” and to be understanding when guides and drivers, waiters or shopkeepers are absent from their jobs …

This is a particular condition that could cause minor inconvenience to the traveler but can be just as interesting from a sociological point of view. It could also happen, if you enter in particular friendships with a local person who will offer sweets or invite you to a family party. And accepting the invitation honors his home and the spirit of Ramadan, as well as living a new and different experience.

The festival that marks the end of Ramadan is the Eid – in the Fitr and is the second most important festival of the Muslim religion.

Fresh News from The Residence by Cenizaro:

Fresh News from The Residence by Cenizaro:

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The new The Residence Dhigurah by Cenizaro  will open in June 2019, located on one of the most beautiful atolls of the Maldivian Archipelago –  of Gaafu Alifu- adjacent to the first The Residence Falhumaafushi property opened in 2012. These two Resorts will be connected by a long wooden bridge going to create  one of the most extensive resorts in the Maldives. The Gaafu Alifu atoll is located in the southern part and can be reached by seaplane or domestic flights in about 50 minutes from the international airport of Male. 173 spacious Beach and Water Villas overlook the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, all with private pools. The rooms are designed to accommodate natural light and built with the best local materials, combining the beauty of traditional Maldivian architecture with contemporary elegance. Ideal for families, Dhigurah has introduced 12 Beach and Water Villas with more land space options, perfect for younger children. The meals formulas include “the all-day dining” at The Dining Room, the seafront restaurant and Li Bai, a characteristic Cantonese restaurant twinned with Singapore’s renowned Li Bai, which offers refined classic Chinese dishes. Among other proposals, guests can choose the evocative oceanfront Long Island to enjoy dishes, light tastings, champagne cocktails and admire breathtaking sunsets. For tapas or light snacks, the Cafe del Sol, at The Beach Club, is available to guests for poolside lunches and sunset cocktails. Alternatively, for a more intimate experience, guests can choose from a series of “private dining experiences” that include a dinner served under a starry sky on a private island, up to the beach barbecue for families and friends. The Dhigurah Spa by Clarins is located on 10 pavilions covered by thatched roofs, each of which is located within lush tropical gardens overlooking the ocean. The Spa is a true oasis of holistic tranquility to heal body, mind and soul and also includes a barber, beauty salon, a garden terrace with wonderful ocean view where you can practice yoga. Additional highlights of the Resort include an “infinity pool” of 42 meters, Dive & Watersports Center, reading and relaxation room, equipped gym, free use of bicycles per room and a wide range of water sports and experiences on land. The Turtle Kids Club (open from 9am to 7pm) dedicated to guests from 3 to 12 years, allows the freedom to explore and discover the magic of the island under the eyes of a properly trained team. The Kids Club’s vast playground extends throughout the island and invites little guests to explore and discover the local fauna and flora. Other activities include yoga for children, snorkeling, kayaking, Dhivehi language learning, arts and crafts, beach games, cooking, treasure hunts and more. Babysitting service is also available.  Surrounded by a beautiful coral reef and located on one of the deepest and pristine atolls, with more than 250 species of corals and 1200 marine species, including manta rays, dolphins and turtles, Dhigurah is a must to visit for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. The opening of The Residence Maldives in Dhigurah will bring the portfolio of The Residence by Cenizaro to six hotels – Tunis, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Bintan and Maldives. A further expansion is expected in the next two years with three hotels in Tunisia – Douz, the Medina of Tunis and the island of Djerba. Gary Xie, Director for Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts said: “With The Residence Maldives at Dhigurah we are creating a new offering for our guests.  The hotel will – as always – be an authentic expression of The Residence philosophy; with its own story to tell and a combination of both Maldivian and global influences to give it a unique sense of place. With The Residence Maldives at Dhigurah, we want to create a hotel that is both the perfect place to relax and an ideal spot for families to let loose and have fun.” He adds, “This is a really exciting time for The Residence by Cenizaro as we look to expand the portfolio and we are absolutely thrilled with this new opening.”

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