The Golden Bridge is a spectacular suspended pedestrian bridge located on the hills of Ba Na, near Danang, Vietnam. In Vietnamese it is called “Cầu Vàng”, literally translated “Golden Bridge”.

The main feature is given by the presence of two gigantic hands with the palm open and facing upwards that seem to support the wide catwalk. A unique scenic effect combined with the breathtaking view that can be enjoyed on the surrounding landscape.

The hands are about 24 meters high by 13 wide, therefore truly imposing and strong, even if finished so that they already look old and worn, to create contrast between modernity and tradition, the suspended and the bond to the mainland.

It is located at about 1.400 meters above sea level, in the Annamita mountain range, and can be reached by another exceptional work: the Ba Na Cable Car Service, the longest single cable car in the world (entered in the Guinness World Records), therefore a combination absolutely not to be missed. It is 5.801 meters long and this distance is covered in just 17 minutes.

An experience that allows you to combine two of the main attractions of central Vietnam with unforgettable panoramas.

Central Asia – The Silk Road

Central Asia – The Silk Road

Lonely Planet Silk Road Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan and the whole area of Central Asia has been named among the TOP 10 regions to visit in 2020 by the prestigious Best In Travel 2020 guide published by the Lonely Planet.

The Silk Road region, which recently jumped to the headlines for the global economic agreements promoted by China, was in the past one of the most renowned routes by all travelers since ancient age and which still best represent the myth of the exotic journey.

Thanks to the opulence produced along its way, enlightened sovereigns and terrible leaders have founded ancient cities (Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara, just to name a few) that still attract numerous visitors fascinated by the beauty and grandeur of their monuments, the animated bazaars and a territory with wild landscapes.

Visiting Uzbekistan has never been easier thanks to the visa exemption for Italian citizens and even moving within the country is always faster thanks to the numerous air connections and new fast train Afrosiab between the most important cities.

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Emergency Covid-19 – Assistance

Emergency Covid-19 – Assistance


Now more than ever, assistance and professionalism are key factors in managing emergencies.
The Tourism Connection Team is in daily contact with all the Partners to provide updated information and operational support and is at your disposal for any need.

We would like to point out that several destinations that we represent do not have any particular warnings or restrictions, but we recommend that you constantly consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

ROAD-SHOW in Milan & Rome on Jan. 29-30 dedicated to MICE & Groups

ROAD-SHOW in Milan & Rome on Jan. 29-30 dedicated to MICE & Groups

Tourism Connection Events MICE Road-Show Work-shop

2 WORK-SHOP dedicated to M.I.C.E. and Business and Leisure Groups will be organized in cooperation with About Travel

On January 29th, in Milan, at the Navigli Museum in via S. Marco 40
On January 30th, in Rome, at the Roma Eventi in via Alibert 5 / a (Piazza di Spagna)

where several professional Partners will attend to show the best solutions to contribute to the success in organizing dedicated events and programs

In Milan on Wednesday 29 January there will be 3 differents slots to meet different needs: from 10:30 to 14:30 or from 16:30 to 18:30 and from 18:30 to 21:00
While in Rome on Thursday 30 January only one and wider slot, from 16:30 to 21:00

Scheduls to meet Hotels, DMCs and Airlines are free to guarantee greater autonomy.

At the end of the session a pleasant refreshment will be offered
And, for those Buyers who will meet all the Exhibitors in order to thank them for the time dedicated, an opportunity to obtain a GIFT CARD that can be used to purchase beauty products, clothing, culture, fuel, furnishings … will be offered

Short preview of the participants
(updated daily)

  • Among the HOTELS: a chargeable icebreaker for ad hoc itineraries between the Norwegian fjords in pursuit of the Northern Lights, the newly renovated Corinthia hotel in Lisbon, the Nau Hotels with over 1000 rooms and their large Congress Palace in the Algarve, the romantic St. Petersburg Astoria Hotel…
  • While our DMC will allow you to travel the world … Russkie prostori for RUSSIA, Top3meetings of MALTA, VOQIN (SPAIN, PORTUGAL, FLORIDA and BRAZIL), Transatour for MOROCCO and MAGIC TRAVELS for ARAB EMIRATES, OMAN, JORDAN, ARMENIA and GEORGIA …
  • And as AIR LINES: Tap Air Portugal, Air Malta …

To confirm participation (specifying the preferred time slot in order to better organize the meetings), write to: or

For more information contact: 346 3620470/346 860 4537/347 4423319

Download the invitation

Photogallery Milano

Photogallery Roma




Tourism Connection®, a company renowned in the field of tourism and hotel representations in Italy, headed by Alessandro Furlotti assisted by Maurizio Vergani and Caterina Ravizza for the communication part, with the beginning of the new commercial year, signs an agreement partnership with About Travel, leading company in the MICE segment, managed by Morgana Paffoni and Cinzia Maltagliati, a reality with a respectable portfolio, including important hotels and conference centers as well as selected DMCs.

With this partnership, the companies involved reconfirm the strong interest and the consolidation of their specialization towards the MICE segment, a sector that knows no crisis and where the professionalism of tour operators is recognized more than elsewhere.

As a first joint initiative, the next 29 and 30 January 2020, there will be a road show dedicated to all operators in the MICE segment that will touch the cities of Milan and Rome.

Two prestigious locations, the Navigli Museum in Milan and Rome Events-Piazza di Spagna, which will host the contact persons between DMC, Hotels, Congress Centers and Airlines, to meet selected buyers and professionals from Incentive House and specialized Tour Operators.

That’s why Lithuania should be your next vacation destination

That’s why Lithuania should be your next vacation destination


Lithuania now enjoys its 100 years of independence, when on February 16, 1918 it shook off more than a century of tsarist rule, it was reoccupied at the end of the second world war to regain its freedom only in 1990.

It therefore seems an opportune time to examine what this Baltic nation has to offer travellers.

Lithuania’s capital Vilnius regularly ranks among the cheapest cities in Europe. Spend time wandering the wonderful cobbled streets of the largest medieval old town in Central and Eastern Europe. Immerse yourself in an architectural heritage that blends elements of Baroque, Renaissance and Russian Gothic and join the young locals in party mode all night.

Experience this unique place in an unforgettable way. Unesco World Heritage Site, it houses the highest sand dunes in Europe, with an average height of 35 meters and others that extend for 60 meters. Huge expanses of pine trees cover this strip of sand dunes – a rare natural wonder, preserved in an almost perfect state by the former Soviet rulers of the region, who forbade any foreigner to set foot on it.

The other sites protected by UNESCO are the evocative historical center of Vilnius; the archaeological site of Kernavė, which boasts a testimony of about 10,000 years of human settlements; and the Struve Geodetic Arc, a marker chain linking 10 countries across Europe.

His university is equally impressive. It is one of the oldest institutions in Northern Europe, founded in 1579. Another surprising fact given its modern dimension, but Lithuania, as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, was the largest nation in Europe, part of present-day Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Russia.

Another important visit not to be missed, its National Art Museum is quite special. It is a block complex of striking modern architecture, full of equally modern works by Lithuanian artists. It is in Vilnius, of course, that it houses one of the most improbable statues in Europe

A figure of the legendary guitarist and musician of the seventies, Frank Zappa, to be precise. This self-taught and shining American has always been seen in Lithuania as a figure of freedom – and his bust was inaugurated in 1995 as “a symbol that would mark the end of communism”. The bust lies on the residential street of K. Kalinausko Gatve.

The best things to see and do in Marrakech, from specialized souks to colourful gardens

The best things to see and do in Marrakech, from specialized souks to colourful gardens

Marocco Marrakech

You cannot say that you know the reality of Marrakech until you are lost in its souks, or have a mint tea while contracting the purchase of an ancient Berber carpet. But even moving away from the souks and shopping you will find some of the most fascinating historical sites such as the long hidden tombs of the Saadian sultans, the wonderful Jardin Majorelle of Yves St Laurent and the architectural jewel of the Ben Ben Youssef Madrasa.

Take a walk in the unique atmosphere of the main city square

One of the most fascinating spectacles on earth is Djemaa el-Fna square, a UNESCO world heritage site, characterized daily by a convulsive rhythm. The name of the square means “assembly of the dead” – since it was originally a place of public execution, but today Djemaa el Fna, attracts the crowd of visitors and natives, for pastimes such as storytelling, astrology, spells with snakes and the extraordinary stunts of the Gnaoua troops.

Insider tip: even if the juice sellers and the henna artists are already in the square in the middle of the morning, the real show begins at sunset, when the chefs light their grills creating one of the largest and most famous barbecues in the world. In this case, don’t be shy, sit down.

Find inspiration in the most elegant museum in Marrakech

The beautifully maintained Musée Yves St. Laurent is the first serious contemporary museum in Marrakech. It celebrates the work of the Algerian couturier Yves St Laurent, whose revolutionary collections have drawn inspiration for over 40 years, from the red city of Marrakech. Designed by Studio KO, the building is made of ocher-colored Tetouan bricks and includes a splendid permanent exhibition of the collections of the famous designer as well as a temporary gallery which displays the works of emerging Moroccan artists and designers.

Insider tip: book a visit to the library whose design is characterized by oak panels, where on the upper floor you will find an extraordinary collection of books on Morocco, Berber culture, North African fashion and architecture, botany and landscape of the desert, all part of Pierre Bergé’s private collection.

Search for treasures in the last urban maze

Nowhere else in the world is there a medieval and at the same time modern atmosphere like that of Marrakech. A visit to the Medina allows you to do all this. Dive into the Souq Sebbaghine (Dyers Souk) where the skeins of freshly dyed saffron wool are hung up to dry; o Souq Lebbadine, where visitors gather around wooden and leather stalls. Souq Smata (Slipper Souk) and Souq Semmarine (Leather Souk) are in the center of the action.

Insider tip: follow the flow, enjoy the jokes and never be too proud to bow gracefully. Souk newbies can immerse themselves in the experience of the Souk Cherifa, where young designers sell their products at fixed prices.

7 reasons to visit Vietnam, one of the last communist countries on the planet

7 reasons to visit Vietnam, one of the last communist countries on the planet


Did you know that Vietnam extended the visa waiver for another three years, making traveling to the Southeast Asian nation much easier for travellers from the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Vacationers from these four countries will be allowed to enter for up to 15 days without having to acquire documentation, while an electronic visa is required for travel up to 30 days.

Here, the7 reasons why you should take advantage of a trip without long paperwork in one of the last communist countries in the world.

  1. The ferment of Hanoi

What makes the capital so interesting is that it looks very old-fashioned, anchored to the past with its French colonial history, entrenched in its cafes, sidewalks, architecture and six of its wide tree-lined avenues. Take a ride aboard one of the thousands of tuk-tuk swarming the streets of the city to get an idea of ​​the daily frenzy that populates the city.

  1. Visit Ho Chi Minh

Not the city, but the man. The communist revolutionary and the first president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam lie embalmed in the mausoleum of Hanoi, erected in honor of the revolutionary’s death in 1969. The body lies in a cooled glass case, in one of the central rooms, through which visitors they pass silently to pay homage.

  1. Get ready and buy

Go to the commercial port of Hoi An – considered not only the tailoring capital of Vietnam, but of all Southeast Asia – and have a tailored suit made at the minimum cost of € 75. Leave with the empty suitcase on the way, so to be able to bring home a new and complete wardrobe.

  1. Navigate the Mekong

The famous river winds its way through Southeast Asia, but flows into the South China Sea in the Mekong Delta, south of Ho Chi Minh City. This is Vietnam in its most pastoral form. Here, over 1,000 species of animals live side by side in what is described as a “biological treasure”. If you are looking for a little more human interaction, take a boat to explore the floating markets.

  1. Admire Ho Chi Minh City from above

Ho Chi Minh City offers a stark contrast to the north of Hanoi. The bold southern city is all modern characterized by skyscrapers and new projects under construction. Find a rooftop bar in one of the many hotels to admire the city from above as the sunsets

  1. Find peace and serenity in a cave

Vietnam is home to some of the world’s most extraordinary underground treasures, with the country’s most famous cave, the gigantic Hang Son Doong. So large that it has its own weather system, the caves could house a 40-story skyscraper or let a Boeing 747 pass. Only 1,000 visitors are allowed into the caves each year. Other caves include the Tu Lan cave system, used in filming King Kong: Skull Island (2017) and Hang Va.

  1. Tet holiday or Vietnamese Lunar New Year

It is the most significant festival in Vietnam. Like Vietnam’s longest public holidays, Tet is a wonderful time for all tourists who can enjoy the festive atmosphere, exploring one of the oldest holidays in the world. Tet holiday 2020 is held from 25 to 27 January 2020 (New Year is the previous day).

Tet Holiday is celebrated to welcome the new year. It is considered an important sign for changes, plans and progress. Furthermore, the Vietnamese believe that what they do on the first day of the year will affect the whole year. Therefore, they pay close attention to every word they say and everything they do. In addition, Tet represents the only opportunity for all family members to spend happy moments together after a year of hard work.

Every year Crucemundo extends its horizons and opens new destinations.

Every year Crucemundo extends its horizons and opens new destinations.

Crociere Fluviali

In 2020 it will be the Moselle. A small motor ship (with a capacity of 110 passengers), very agile, the MS Crucevita will inaugurate its first cruises. A cruise in the Moselle offers the opportunity to explore the historic cities and the wine villages par excellence. Its banks flanked by the ruins of ancient castles and incredibly steep terraced vineyards will take your breath away from what will surprise you. The river is 514 km long and has a basin of 28033 sq km. It flows through north-eastern France, western Germany and Luxembourg. It originates from the Vosges, from the flanks of the Alsace ball. Overall, it describes a large arch from the north-west to North to north east, in the heart of the French Rhine region.

Important news for Magic Roads

Important news for Magic Roads

Armenia Georgia

Part of the Magic Arabia group and the Tourism Connection® portfolio, one of the most well-known and appreciated DMCs by Italian tour operators and travel agencies with offices in Dubai, Oman and Jordan, today it broadens its range, thus covering in a more widespread way, with owned offices, new and emerging destinations along the Silk Road such as Armenia and Georgia.

The services offered by the DMC range from tailor-made individual trips to large incentive groups, to tours with guaranteed departures with a minimum of two participants.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the planned destinations, an Italian speaking staff acts as a valid consultant for the success of high quality value travel. Last but not least, the privileged relationship with hoteliers and local suppliers guarantees the best value for money (