The Russian World Cup, a unique opportunity for a matrioshka trip style.

The Russian World Cup, a unique opportunity for a matrioshka trip style.

Crociere Fluviali Russia

An opportunity for thousands of tourists to visit at modest prices, cities and architectures that, thanks to the reception of the 32 participating teams, benefited from a restyling and extraordinary maintenance.

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhni Novgorod and other big cities of Russia have prepared themselves for this event to welcome fans and tourists coming from all over the world. The Italians pushed to admire their favorite football, in addition to being able to benefit from Russia without a visa, also have the opportunity to use free inter-city trains and all public transport in the host cities!

For those who are not fans but interested in discovering the country, they  can benefit from an amazing cruise on board of MS Rostropovich, 5 *, the cruise ship that has most of the cabins with external balconies.

During the World Cup, this ship provides a longer stay in Moscow and St. Petersburg, to make its guests live an even more complete cultural experience in both capitals, through the following visits:

– The Hermitage State Museum with its impressive collection of world-famous  masterpieces
– Fortress and Cathedral of Peter and Paul
– Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg with its golden fountains
– Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow for true connoisseurs of Russian art
– Novodevichi Monastery, full of exciting medieval legends and stories!

Do not miss this opportunity to discover Russia!