Kamchatka – Why does everyone want it…?

Kamchatka – Why does everyone want it…?

Kamchatka Russia

All Risiko fans and players have asked themselves this question …

Days and nights spent shouting “Kamchatka or death !!” or “I’ll attack Kamchatka !!”

So why does everyone want it?

We have the answer, which we also gave during our recent webinar.

We have discovered the reason that made us spend so much time trying to conquer it, and it is very simple: because it is fantastic, of breathtaking natural beauty and it is absolutely one of the most fascinating places in the world.

Kamchatka is a Russian peninsula, located in the far east of Siberia. It is over 2.000 kilometers long, as big as Italy and overlooks the Pacific Ocean, inhabited by just 300.000 people concentrated mostly in three cities in the south.

The territory is wild and mountainous, with over thirty active volcanoes, rich in forests, crystal clear lakes and streams where salmon rise, geysers and hundreds of thermal springs.

Its capital, Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky, was founded in 1740 by the Danish explorer Vitus Bering (hence the name of the homonymous strait that separates Kamchatka from Alaska).

Outside the city there is the undisputed dominion of flora and fauna: the area boasts, precisely, a significant number of giant bears, sheep, hawks and giant crabs.

The protagonist of this land is the Kamchatka brown bear. It reaches three meters in height and easily reaches 700 kilos, so much so that its largest specimens compete with the polar bear for the title of the largest terrestrial carnivore in the world. He is even shunned by the Siberian tiger who often gets the worst of it when he meets him. One bear can be counted for approximately 30 inhabitants.

Kamchatka is a real sanctuary of nature thanks to its (almost) entirely untouched territory, where there is a clear perception that it is not man who dictates the law.

Man who is threatening the ecosystem with the massive extraction of gas and raw materials of which the territory is rich, and reckless hunting for the most characteristic and endangered species.

So stop with the attacks on Kamchatka and let’s try with responsible and eco-sustainable tourism to support this wonderful land in preserving its fantastic ecosystem.