Sri Lanka where Extreme Sport & Unique Experiences Win

Sri Lanka where Extreme Sport & Unique Experiences Win

Sri Lanka

Not only relaxation: there are those who, on vacation, are looking for strong emotions.

Until a few years ago, extreme sports were not practiced by many people, there were only a few daredevils who, to repeatedly experience the excitement of risk, danger and the adrenaline rush that is felt at the time of the action, challenged the fear and courageously  threw himself out of a 40-meter bridge or climbed a vertical wall with  bare hands. In recent years, however, extreme sport has become a real discipline, followed by many enthusiasts. The equipment has improved, the preparation of the athlete, the research and the areas have multiplied, the areas where to go to try again to feel that adrenaline rush that has not changed over time, strong was and remained strong.

So for those who want to discover this wonderful country from a different angle, our correspondent Jetwing Italia, proposes Ella, a small village in Hill Country, one of the most scenic places in all of Sri Lanka. The landscape that is in this place is totally different from the idea of ​​this island. Here, nature is predominant, green fills the eyes of travelers who get lost among mountain peaks, tea plantations and waterfalls where for those in search of new emotions, a viable option is the Zip Line. The two-wire Zip line extends for over half a kilometer and offers a bird’s eye view of the beautiful hills of the island.

A world without dolphins and whales is nothing but a world “- said Ric O ‘Barry. Those who share the same thought as the man who spoke to dolphins in Mirissa, off the southern coast of Sri Lanka, can devote themselves to this evocative and exciting practice. – Observation of whales in Sri Lanka is an incredible activity to consider, and it is even more breathtaking if carried out by an aircraft flying over the unforgettable spectacle of the passage of cetaceans, since it does not disturb their natural habitat. Observing the majestic nature of the largest mammal in the world, the Blue Whale, from an aerial point of view, leaves passengers with an incomparable experience and an understanding of the true greatness of beauty and grace of the species.

To describe the beauty of Sri Lanka, the Telegraph reports a phrase from a reader who voted the country as the most beautiful place in the world: “Everyone knows how beautiful Sri Lanka is, but few know how wonderful its inhabitants are”

To describe the beauty of Sri Lanka, the Telegraph reports a phrase from a reader who voted the country as the most beautiful place in the world: “Everyone knows how beautiful Sri Lanka is, but few know how wonderful its inhabitants are”

Sri Lanka

The correspondent Jetwing Italia carries on and for the period from May to October 2019 proposes an extraordinary program of 6 nights “Speedy Sri Lanka” that touches the most suggestive cities of this destination rich in spirituality, with overwhelming nature.

The tour touches the famous fortress of Sigiriya which dates back to the 5th century and which represents the “Fortress in the sky” one of the fantastic wonders of the island. Also known as the fortress of the lion due to the presence of an enormous stone statue, depicting the feline, positioned at the entrance.

A must-see destination, Polonnaruwa, another site declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In the past it was the capital of Sri Lanka from the 11th to the 13th century and houses some splendid and spectacular statues. Temples, stupas, statues, sacred icons, bas-reliefs are just some of the things that can be admired in this vast complex.

The rest of the program also includes exciting stops like the Dambulla rock temple, the spice garden, the Temple of the Tooth, a show of traditional dances to continue for Matale.

It does not ignore Kandy, also “World Heritage of Humanity and stronghold of Sinhalese sovereigns during the domination of the Portuguese, Dutch and English, surrendering to the latter in 1815 following an agreement between the parties. Kandy has a special value and is considered the most sacred place of Buddhists because of the “Dalada Maligawa” the temple that houses the sacred relic of the tooth of Buddha. Today Kandy is the center of Buddhism, the arts, crafts, dances, music and culture. Visitors can attend dance and music shows that take place daily in different parts of the city.

Finally, the trip ends with a visit to Nuwara Eliya– the ‘little England’ of Sri Lanka, in a picturesque mountain area between valleys, waterfalls and tea plantations.




Sri Lanka

Travelling has always been a priority and a human need: horizons open up, social barriers break down, people know each other, etc. but more and more often we ask ourselves if all this has a negative impact on the planet, on local populations and animal species.

The sensitive traveler is constantly looking for new ways to positively impact on the environment that surrounds him. Jetwing, a well-known company in the tourist industry, has always made sustainability its workhorse! For over forty years Jetwing Hotelsstructures have introduced strategies and measures aimed at positively influencing the local environment and communities.

The recent Instagram campaign ‘Think! Tuesdays‘ is the proof!

‘Think! Tuesdays’is a platform used by Jetwing Hotels  to share different initiatives to support the six pillars of sustainability:

  • search for alternative energy sources
  • fight against waste of water
  • conservation and protection of biodiversity
  • enhancement of traditional culture
  • work development projects, equal opportunities, etc.
  • local production of fruit and vegetables, limiting imports as much as possible

Through a continuous exchange of information on this platform Jetwing wants to create greater sensitivity and awareness in the end user so that there are more and more travelers attentive to the environment and aware of the future of the planet and the creatures that populate it.

Instagram is very popular among young travelers – to create food for thought, to adopt small / large alternative measures is increasingly important for Jetwing whose purpose is to reach even the youngest through social media. Making the environment safer must become a priority for each of us and we have the task of passing this message to future generations.

The use of simple alternative measures does not mean giving up comfort. The client, a guest in the Jetwing structures, will thus be able to experiment with important changes implemented in recent years such as solar panel lighting, water filtration, the use of glass and ceramics instead of plastics, the local production of vegetables. , the use of bio waste for composting, etc.

The Jetwing Hotels hotel facilities are an integral part of the programs and tours that Jetwing Italia promotes on the Italian market. Sri Lanka is a country of many facets, rich in history and traditions, lush nature and incredibly rich fauna! Excellent hotel facilities, good local Italian speaking guides and a high standard of services have made Sri Lanka an increasingly sought after destination and in continuous recovery!

Why Sri Lanka is the goal of the spirit and how it will change your life.

Why Sri Lanka is the goal of the spirit and how it will change your life.

Sri Lanka

This year celebrates 70 years of independence and here are many good reasons to visit the country of the sun, from unobtainable leopards and abundance of curry, a trip to the mountains to the end of the world with miles of white sandy beaches. 

Monkeys emerging from every corner, especially at the entrance to the temples, cows grazing peacefully on the streets and kindness as a natural attitude. Sri Lanka is an island as large as Ireland and 10-15 days are enough to get an idea of ​​the country, including beaches and archaeological sites.

Our historic partner Jetwing Italia, for this summer, signals some unmissable excursions that offer unforgettable emotions like a hot air balloon ride over the area of ​​KANDALAMA– Dambulla that will take you to fly at a height of 600 meters on the most beautiful archaeological area of ​​the country and sometimes even higher to exploit

A night bicycle rideto explore Colombo is definitely the best way to discover the chaotic and throbbing capital and avoid daytime traffic, crossing interesting places, seeing glimpses that you would otherwise have never noticed, hearing sounds and noises of the night city and the life of its inhabitants.

A visit to the true paradise of cardamom cultivation, the isolated village of Meemure, in the Knuckles area, 15km from Corbetts’s gap, should not be ignored. The village is inhabited by people who have strong beliefs and live in perfect harmony with Mother Nature, using for their survival, the many good fruits and resources of the earth. In addition, you can hike in the forest of about 12 km and take a refreshing bath in the waters of the streams.

For lovers of thrilling thrill, a pure adrenaline experience and not really for everyone is the abseiling near Kitulgala. A wonderful and evocative waterfall is your starting point for an adventurous activity of rappelling. You will find yourself suspended in the air at a height of 35 meters: a huge expanse of water below you, above you only the sky. The waterfall “Hadunella” is one of the most famous waterfalls of the island and is ideal for this extreme sport.

For those who want to deepen the spirituality and religious culture of the country’s traditions, the meeting with a Buddhist monk in a Kandy Temple will dispel any doubt.

For those looking for absolute relaxation, the Passekudah beachis an unmissable destination. Located in a small, heavenly and exclusive bay north of Batticalo, at dawn it is filled with small fishing boats, offering romantic and unforgettable settings. In this area not frequented by mass tourism, you will find a few villas and small luxury resorts, places surrounded by nature but with all the conveniences of chance. Here Jetwing reports the interesting proposal for sea staysvalid from 1 September to 30 November 2018 with quotas starting from $ 110 per room, per night in bed and breakfast.

Sri Lanka, the journey of serenity

Sri Lanka, the journey of serenity

Sri Lanka

For those in search of serenity, do not miss the thrilling 5-night stay in Sri Lanka, in collaboration with partner Jetwind who reserves special quotations on bookings received by 31st August 2018, for stays up to 20 December 2018 (last tour start date 15.12.18).

The history of Sri Lanka is characterized by dominations and colonization (Indian, Dutch and English) that have profoundly influenced the culture and in more recent times suffered a civil war and the hard blow of the 2004 tsunami. Today, finally the situation is quiet and the economy of the country, based mainly on the export of tea and spices, is recovering.

THE STAGES OF THE JOURNEY:It starts from the chaotic Kandy: the Sinhalese love this city that stretches all around an artificial lake and in whose temple, Sri Dalada Maligawa, is kept the tooth of the Buddha. From here it is reached and one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in the country: first stop Dambulla, where 5 temples are excavated in the rock, dating back to the first century. B.C. Statues are kept in each cave and the walls are painted with scenes from Buddha’s life.

Prepare also trekking shoes and empty the backpack to face the steps that will take you to the top of the rocky fortress of Sigiryia (200 meters). Built at the behest of King Kasyapa in the 5th century A.D. to defend himself from his brother who came to claim the throne he was entitled to, there is still a swimming pool, rock frescoes, a 1000-year-old graffiti, the throne and a pair of huge stone leonine claws which, at the foot of the rock formation, welcome (and warn) visitors.

The trip does not miss the visit to the memorable orphanage of the elephants of Pinnawela, a place that since 1975 houses the wounded or abandoned elephants. Over the years the number of elephants has gradually increased and now there are about a hundred; this number also includes children born in freedom who arrive from every part of the island and those born in captivity. Do not miss the “pappa” time and the river bath.

 Hotels where to sleep:

  • Thilanka Hotel, Kandy– Deluxe Room –
  • Thilanka Resort & Spa, Dambulla –Deluxe Room –
  • The Covenro, Katunayake – Standard Room –
To all nature lovers … visit Sri Lanka from April to July is the best time to spot turtles and from this year Sport is the king

To all nature lovers … visit Sri Lanka from April to July is the best time to spot turtles and from this year Sport is the king

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is recognized worldwide as one of the few places in the world where sea turtles can be observed in their natural habitat. Five out of seven of the world’s sea turtle species are found in Sri Lanka, where in Rekawa, between April and July the highest number of turtles is concentrated, reaching the shore at night to lay their eggs.

The Rekawa Turtle Watch is a conservation project for sea turtles that aims to protect the nesting sites of the turtles and to ensure that the eggs can hatch safely. Here the center volunteers bring the turtle watchers to the beach between 8:30 pm and 11:30 pm, to watch the turtles reaching the shore to lay their eggs and return to the sea. The wait for the turtles can also take a couple of hours, so you need to get a lot of patience.

The center has very strict rules  as not to disturb turtles, and  be aware that flash photos and flashlights are not allowed.

But from this year, all  Mother Nature’s fans, being comfortably seated on board a Cessna, will be able to admire from above all the fascinating behavioral methods of the marine fauna. The take-off is scheduled from the Koggala national airport, to meet the famous Blue Whale, the queens of the sea that reach a weight of 150 tons and a length of about 30 meters. The Blue Whale female is known to be bigger than her male consort. But both male and female, the gigantic mammal is truly an indescribable spectacle. In addition to the queen of the sea it is possible to spot more than 12 species of whales other marine mammals including several species of cute dolphins.

An important turnaround on institutional level is the real activation of a series of initiatives aimed at promoting local sport as an important hub for tourism in Sri Lanka. Therefore, this year, the respective ministers of tourism and sport have given particular impetus to the promotion of the sports sector bringing a series of events of international appeal in Sri Lanka as: “IRONMAN 70.3”, the next 25 February 2018, which will attract participants from 53 countries all over the world. The event is the first of the multi sports events in the world with 1.9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21.2 km of running that must be completed by a triathlon in 8 hour time lapse. This will place the City of Columbus in the spotlight as a key destination for the triathlon and will be a new experience for the local population of most part of Sri Lanka.

Another sportive event like the World Surfing League will take place from June to July 2018 in Arugam Bay, the ideal place in Sri Lanka for water sports. The event aims to bring out Arugam Bay among the best surfing spots in the world trying to attract professional surfers from around the world.