Vietnam, an incredible holiday in Southeast Asia that combines sun, sea and city

Vietnam, an incredible holiday in Southeast Asia that combines sun, sea and city

Phu Quoc Vietnam Visti

It is at this time of year, when we scrape ice from our windshields before we go to the office and wear 18 layers so as not to suffer from the cold that the dream beaches of Southeast Asia exert the greatest charm.

There are several airlines such as Thai and Neos who have decided to open the routes on this trendy destination.
Where to start?

The Classic Tour of 12 Nights / 13 Days (Hanoi – Halong – Hue – Hoian – Saigon – Mekong – Phu Quoc) is an excellent way to discover the highlights of the region, experience the luxury resorts or lodges on the beaches, combined with guided tours of the cities, always accompanied by guides who know the area like the palm of their hands. Phu Quoc represents an excellent sea extension after the tour. It is like an isolated jewel in the vastness of the Gulf of Thailand and just like the facets of a gem, the islands here have their own unique qualities.

Beyond the obvious beauty of Phu Quoc, the island is lush and at the same time bare, modern and ancient, simple and exotic. Its name already evokes exoticism (pronounced “foo-quack”). But what makes Phu Quoc the favorite island and at the top of most people’s wishing list?

It is an island that satisfies every need … In all that exotic atmosphere you can satisfy the needs of families, those who love food, the sun, culture lovers and adventurers.

To experience the true magic of Phu Quoc, just admire the glow of a sunrise or a sunset, be fascinated by the reflection of the moon on the ocean, breathe the scent of the beach that hovers everywhere in the air, or listen to the murmur of the breeze tropical through a rain forest.

Here are some of the unmissable experiences at Phu Quoc: Greet the sun rising from the top of the Ho Quoc Pagoda, take a day trip to Hon Xuong Island, discover the starfish beach, take a dip in the pool of the Suoi Tranh waterfall, towards Ganh Dau Beach to greet the sun, spot the hornbills, experience the Phu Quoc night market and snorkelling.