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Faced with the growing desire for authenticity, space and awareness for sustainable tourism, Magic Travels has decided to mark a new turning point towards eco-responsible and ethical travel, after a first step initiated by the creation of Magic Camps (eco-chic tented camps in the Emirates and Oman).

This new twist has a name: BEYOND by Magic Travels.

“Beyond”: beyond the classic tours, beyond the beaten paths and beyond the travel experiences generally offered up to now.

This new brand will offer eco-responsible tours in the 5 destinations where Magic is present with its offices: United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Armenia and Georgia.

But why BEYOND? Because the goal of this new production, which will initially be aimed at individual customers, will be to take them “beyond” the classic circuits and not only to offer “adventurous” trips off the beaten path, but also intense experiences aimed at encouraging meeting with local communities.

The BEYOND programs will be accessible to both beginners and experienced adventurers, looking for meaning, or simply for adventure and excitement.

Social and cultural exchanges are promoted through many original and unusual experiences for responsible and authentic travel.

Closed doors open to offer unique encounters, to discover places hitherto inaccessible but above all to tell the true story of the country. When the journey is no longer a simple destination but an immersion.

In a responsible tourism approach, all programs are created by a team of enthusiasts with full respect for local populations and their environments.

BEYOND, where the MAGIC happens!

The Residence Mauritius First in Market Launches Free Mobile Travel Solution ‘Handy’

The Residence Mauritius First in Market Launches Free Mobile Travel Solution ‘Handy’

Mauritius Partner

The Residence Mauritius First in Market Launches Free Mobile Travel Solution ‘Handy’ to Enable Visitors to Travel Like a Local

Innovative Service Enriches Visitor Experience with Free Connectivity Features and Curated Guides

Belle Mare, Mauritius — The Residence Mauritius today announces that it will be the first hotel in Mauritius to launch mobile travel solution ‘handy’ to travelers for exceptional and hassle-free travel experience. With traveler demand for Internet connection services soaring, the innovative smartphone ‘handy’ is a complimentary amenity in hotel rooms, offering travelers unlimited connectivity on the go, while providing tailored travel guide and integrates with hotel services.

Handy will be available for The Residence Mauritius guests as from 10th October 2017

 The complimentary service enables visitors to travel like a local finding connectivity and information they need at no cost. Travelers can explore customized city guides on handy, curated by experienced content provider LUXOS to discover new Mauritius experiences anytime, anywhere. Visitors can also stay connected with free unlimited local and international calls, free internet access, speed dial to hotel services, and local emergency and essential travel information

We know that connectivity is more important than ever for an enriched travel experience in today’s digital age.

Handy will connect The Residence Mauritius travelers so they can enjoy Mauritius as a premier travel destination, revealing local gems on the go and sharing their experiences, while freeing their minds from the hassle of finding connectivity and information they need.

About Handy

Handy, the flagship product from Tink Labs Limited, is an innovative mobile travel solution that combines the functionality of a personal smartphone and hotel services into one fully integrated device. Each Handy smartphone is customized for the hotel and provides travelers with free unlimited internet, local and international calls, as well as an interactive city guide and one-click access to the hotel’s concierge and amenities. Handy is already available in 70 cities, covering 300,000 rooms and helped 18 million global travelers stay connected.




Un gruppo alberghiero con una missione ben precisa, quella di rendere ogni vacanza un’esperienza unica. La The Residence Collection  è rinomata per l’atmosfera rilassata, accompagnata da un’ospitalità personalizzata e accattivante che trasmette ad ogni ospite un vero senso di appartenenza. Tre  Resort nell’Oceano Indiano: The  Residence Mauritius, immerso in ben 25 ettari di giardini tropicali; The Residence Maldives con ampie e meravigliose ville sulla spiaggia e sull’acqua; The Residence Zanzibar, che si estende lungo un chilometro di costa.