MADAGASCAR – The spices of Madagascar

MADAGASCAR – The spices of Madagascar

Madagascar is a country of exceptional biodiversity, forests protect unique plants and animals, the elderly know the secrets of using herbs for therapeutic purposes, isolation and poverty have protected these natural gifts for years from large-scale exploitation. Malagasy people, its history and its nature can be told through the scents of spices.

The pristine and rich lands of Madagascar produce the best quality of vanilla (Bourbon) and an infinity of spices and herbs that stand out in flavor and aroma.

They are grown in quantity, taking care of the fields still with ancient methods and thus respecting a natural growth of plants and a process that maintains the natural properties intact, also enhancing the scents and fragrances.

Here are our main tips:

Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia): is an orchid native to Mexico. Its pods represent the spice known under the name Vanilla. It is mainly used in pastry, ice cream, in the production of drinks and in exotic cuisine. It has an intense and harmonious aroma and flavor that gives a refined touch.

Turmeric: plant belonging to the Zingiberaceae family. Known for its delicate taste and intense color, it is also known for its beneficial properties. It is mainly used in cooking but also in Ayurvedic medicine (anti-inflammatory, healing, anticoagulant, protects the immune system). It can be used as an ingredient in baked goods, drinks, ice cream, pasta and condiments, also ideal for herbal teas.

Cinnamon: belongs to the Lauraceae family. Madagascar cinnamon has a sweet aroma and is light brown in color. It is also known for its beneficial properties: a natural toning, a stimulant for circulation and contributes to better digestion. It also helps to fight the cold. In the kitchen, cinnamon is used in pastry, ice cream, in the production of chocolate, wine, spirits and in spice blends.

Ginger: it is the root of a plant native to East Asia, it can be eaten fresh or dried. Its taste is strong and slightly sweet. Recommended for fish, meat, biscuits, bread. It is an excellent digestive, anti-inflammatory, natural tonic and anticoagulant.

Combava: is a citrus fruit of the genus Citrus. Its tree is small and thorny. Its refreshing aroma and intense flavor make Combava a unique product, with a very characteristic and pleasant taste, which can also be combined with other spices. It is also relaxing, anti-inflammatory and digestive.

Madagascar also offers many other spices such as pepper, nutmeg, cloves, mace, pili-pili …

Perfumes and flavors for all tastes and traditions.