MADAGASCAR – The Pousse Pousse

MADAGASCAR – The Pousse Pousse

In Madagascar, many of the most practiced jobs are those that still require human strength. You can see it in the fields, in the shops, in the construction sites and certainly in this row the pousse-pousse riders fall, the typical Malagasy rickshaw which is one of the most used means of travel in many cities.

There are different types, but what unites them is the fact that they are always colorful and often small pieces of art in movement, they always attract the attention of people.

In Madagascar everyone uses pousse-pousse every day, from students to workers, to women who come and go from the markets. It is the cheapest alternative to buses and taxis, but it is also the most convenient way to go through the narrow and crowded streets of the city centers.

The capital of its use is undoubtedly Antsirabe, but it is widespread and common in all the main cities of Madagascar.

Even for tourists it is a pleasant attraction, real city tours are organized in pousse-pousse where you travel lulled by the rhythm of the steps of the rider and you can see the landscape and local life slowly parading on the sides.

The local imagination is very striking, often for children it is one of the jobs they would like to do when they grow up.