OUR FIRST 5 YEARS … 1 JULY 2013-1 JULY 2018

OUR FIRST 5 YEARS … 1 JULY 2013-1 JULY 2018

The life of a company is made up of many small goals; mostly daily. Very often, it is precisely the latest that determine the possibility of continuing to do better over the years. Our commitment and our passion have allowed us to grow and improve constantly, day after day, even in times when the economic crisis has shown its worst side, taking us today to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our birth.

The history of Tourism Connection begins precisely in 2013, thanks to the will of its founder Alessandro Furlotti, to embark on its own way in the world of tourism hotel representatives, after a decade of experience in one of the most renowned Italian tour operators.

To reinforce this virtuous path, 2015 sees the inclusion in the company organization chart of Maurizio Vergani as Sales Manager. Continuing its innovation process, confirming the dynamism that has always distinguished the company, the management of the press office and Public Relations has been entrusted since 1 September 2017 to Caterina Ravizza Sas, thus proposing a range for the new season complete with integrated communication and marketing mix.

For such an important occasion we could not miss a special birthday celebration with a press conference, which took place in the center of Milan, last July 10th, which we wanted to share with the 10 most important trade media and journalists specialized in the Italian tourist press.

This 10th birthday fills us with pride and satisfaction. In recent years we have grown a lot, we have worked hard, we have brilliantly overcome difficult phases to make sure that the company could start to progressively develop and achieve the current results, both from a qualitative point of view of the services offered, both from the point of view of growth of customers in portfolio.

A special thanks goes to all the customers and partners who supported us during this wonderful adventure, in the wish to lay the foundations for a common future of great successes.

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