To all nature lovers … visit Sri Lanka from April to July is the best time to spot turtles and from this year Sport is the king

To all nature lovers … visit Sri Lanka from April to July is the best time to spot turtles and from this year Sport is the king

Sri Lanka is recognized worldwide as one of the few places in the world where sea turtles can be observed in their natural habitat. Five out of seven of the world’s sea turtle species are found in Sri Lanka, where in Rekawa, between April and July the highest number of turtles is concentrated, reaching the shore at night to lay their eggs.

The Rekawa Turtle Watch is a conservation project for sea turtles that aims to protect the nesting sites of the turtles and to ensure that the eggs can hatch safely. Here the center volunteers bring the turtle watchers to the beach between 8:30 pm and 11:30 pm, to watch the turtles reaching the shore to lay their eggs and return to the sea. The wait for the turtles can also take a couple of hours, so you need to get a lot of patience.

The center has very strict rules  as not to disturb turtles, and  be aware that flash photos and flashlights are not allowed.

But from this year, all  Mother Nature’s fans, being comfortably seated on board a Cessna, will be able to admire from above all the fascinating behavioral methods of the marine fauna. The take-off is scheduled from the Koggala national airport, to meet the famous Blue Whale, the queens of the sea that reach a weight of 150 tons and a length of about 30 meters. The Blue Whale female is known to be bigger than her male consort. But both male and female, the gigantic mammal is truly an indescribable spectacle. In addition to the queen of the sea it is possible to spot more than 12 species of whales other marine mammals including several species of cute dolphins.

An important turnaround on institutional level is the real activation of a series of initiatives aimed at promoting local sport as an important hub for tourism in Sri Lanka. Therefore, this year, the respective ministers of tourism and sport have given particular impetus to the promotion of the sports sector bringing a series of events of international appeal in Sri Lanka as: “IRONMAN 70.3”, the next 25 February 2018, which will attract participants from 53 countries all over the world. The event is the first of the multi sports events in the world with 1.9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21.2 km of running that must be completed by a triathlon in 8 hour time lapse. This will place the City of Columbus in the spotlight as a key destination for the triathlon and will be a new experience for the local population of most part of Sri Lanka.

Another sportive event like the World Surfing League will take place from June to July 2018 in Arugam Bay, the ideal place in Sri Lanka for water sports. The event aims to bring out Arugam Bay among the best surfing spots in the world trying to attract professional surfers from around the world.

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