VIETNAM – The Golden Bridge

VIETNAM – The Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is a spectacular suspended pedestrian bridge located on the hills of Ba Na, near Danang, Vietnam. In Vietnamese it is called “Cầu Vàng”, literally translated “Golden Bridge”.

The main feature is given by the presence of two gigantic hands with the palm open and facing upwards that seem to support the wide catwalk. A unique scenic effect combined with the breathtaking view that can be enjoyed on the surrounding landscape.

The hands are about 24 meters high by 13 wide, therefore truly imposing and strong, even if finished so that they already look old and worn, to create contrast between modernity and tradition, the suspended and the bond to the mainland.

It is located at about 1.400 meters above sea level, in the Annamita mountain range, and can be reached by another exceptional work: the Ba Na Cable Car Service, the longest single cable car in the world (entered in the Guinness World Records), therefore a combination absolutely not to be missed. It is 5.801 meters long and this distance is covered in just 17 minutes.

An experience that allows you to combine two of the main attractions of central Vietnam with unforgettable panoramas.