UZBEKISTAN – The Silk Road

UZBEKISTAN – The Silk Road

Uzbekistan and the whole area of Central Asia has been named among the TOP 10 regions to visit in 2020 by the prestigious Best In Travel 2020 guide published by the Lonely Planet.

The Silk Road region, which recently jumped to the headlines for the global economic agreements promoted by China, was in the past one of the most renowned routes by all travelers since ancient age and which still best represent the myth of the exotic journey.

Thanks to the opulence produced along its way, enlightened sovereigns and terrible leaders have founded ancient cities (Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara, just to name a few) that still attract numerous visitors fascinated by the beauty and grandeur of their monuments, the animated bazaars and a territory with wild landscapes.

Visiting Uzbekistan has never been easier thanks to the visa exemption for Italian citizens and even moving within the country is always faster thanks to the numerous air connections and new fast train Afrosiab between the most important cities.

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