Madagascar: for those who can not give up the call of the forest …

Madagascar: for those who can not give up the call of the forest …

Lemurs, chameleons and baobabs, rainforest, beaches and desert: Madagascar is even more beautiful opting for a stay in the new luxurious Ecolodge: Mantadia Lodge.

The new ecolodge, located about 10 minutes drive from the Analamazaotra reserve, famous for its rich fauna and lush flora, allows a real immersion in nature.

In this place are present:

– 120 species of orchids, most are the epiphytes with 100% endemicity, they are only found here !.

– over 1200 species of plants with an endemicity of 77%.

– 11 species of lemurs, but also some rare carnivores and a rich fauna of micromammals.

– 109 species of birds and 3 of the 5 different species of Brachipteraciidi, terricolous birds that exist only here

In this Park it is possible to organize several excursions, the most attractive is the one that leads to the sighting of the lemurs «Indri or Babakoto», which holds the record among the largest existing lemurs with a head-body length of about 68 cm and weight included between 6 and 9 kg. It is a black and white lemur that maintains an upright posture when it climbs or clings to the trees, it has no tail.

The lodge, located on a 100 meter high hill, offers a wonderful view of the forest and the village of Andasibe. The restaurant and its huge terrace overlook the lush surrounding forest, a perfect setting to watch the sunset. Guests also have access to the lounge bar and reading area.

The lodge also features an infinity pool and two massage rooms to make guests’ stay even more pleasant.