ARMENIA – The Symphony of Stones

ARMENIA – The Symphony of Stones

The Symphony of the Stones is a natural monument located in the Azat river basin, in the area of the village of Garni. It is located in the Kotayk region and is about 28 km from the capital Yerevan (about 40 minutes of travel).

More precisely we are in the Garni gorge, carved by the Goght river, a short distance from the 1st century AD Garni Temple. the only pagan temple in the nation. With a short 4×4 ride it is possible to reach the gorge and enjoy this magnificent and unique spectacle.

The monument is made up of huge symmetrical hexagonal and pentagonal basalt columns (almost 50 meters high), which appear to be handcrafted due to their extraordinary symmetry. These wonderful rocks were formed under high pressure conditions due to the cooling and crystallization of volcanic lava.

These stones suspended against gravity resemble an organ, which explains why it is also called the “Basalt Organ”.

The soundtrack is provided by the river that flows through the gorge and fills the splendor of the stone with the sound of water.

In 2013, the “Symphony of Stones” poster, presented by Armenia, was chosen as the winner in the “Europe” category in the competition for the best tourist poster held every two years by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The poster was displayed on the official website of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, as well as on the UNWTO foyer wall in Madrid for two years.

The Symphony of Stones is registered in the list of natural monuments and, consequently, is protected by law. It is one of the many hidden jewels that Armenia offers to all its visitors.