2013-2023 – a Party to celebrate our 10th Anniversary

2013-2023 – a Party to celebrate our 10th Anniversary

The Tourism Connection® Sales Representative & Marketing project was born on 1 July 2013 with the aim of offering the market an innovative idea of representation and consultancy based first of all on the deep knowledge of the destinations and services offered with total and personalized assistance that truly supports both the client and the client.

And July 12, 2023 at the Le Rovedine Golf Club, on the outskirts of Milan, was the occasion to celebrate the 10th anniversary with over 50 tour operators, suppliers and simple friends who have supported and appreciated the work done over the years.

The green of the golf lawns and the blue of the club-house swimming pool were the perfect setting for this event which was able to combine moments of leisure by offering the participants the opportunity to try their hand on the course thanks to the golf instructors, convivial events that characterized the evening with a rich buffet.

“It was an opportunity to meet all the people who have always supported us so far and who, once again, wanted to show us their trust and affection.

It has been ten years characterized by numerous challenges, in which we have consolidated and expanded our business in an increasingly competitive and profoundly changed market after the pandemic. We will continue to commit ourselves with perseverance and dedication in supporting and strengthening the representations on the Italian territory that have already chosen to collaborate with us.

Not only that, the demand and interest in our country are constantly growing, for this reason our team will soon expand with the entry of a new sales account to be able to guarantee a product and service with high quality standards.”

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