Sri Lanka where Extreme Sport & Unique Experiences Win

Sri Lanka where Extreme Sport & Unique Experiences Win

Not only relaxation: there are those who, on vacation, are looking for strong emotions.

Until a few years ago, extreme sports were not practiced by many people, there were only a few daredevils who, to repeatedly experience the excitement of risk, danger and the adrenaline rush that is felt at the time of the action, challenged the fear and courageously  threw himself out of a 40-meter bridge or climbed a vertical wall with  bare hands. In recent years, however, extreme sport has become a real discipline, followed by many enthusiasts. The equipment has improved, the preparation of the athlete, the research and the areas have multiplied, the areas where to go to try again to feel that adrenaline rush that has not changed over time, strong was and remained strong.

So for those who want to discover this wonderful country from a different angle, our correspondent Jetwing Italia, proposes Ella, a small village in Hill Country, one of the most scenic places in all of Sri Lanka. The landscape that is in this place is totally different from the idea of ​​this island. Here, nature is predominant, green fills the eyes of travelers who get lost among mountain peaks, tea plantations and waterfalls where for those in search of new emotions, a viable option is the Zip Line. The two-wire Zip line extends for over half a kilometer and offers a bird’s eye view of the beautiful hills of the island.

A world without dolphins and whales is nothing but a world “- said Ric O ‘Barry. Those who share the same thought as the man who spoke to dolphins in Mirissa, off the southern coast of Sri Lanka, can devote themselves to this evocative and exciting practice. – Observation of whales in Sri Lanka is an incredible activity to consider, and it is even more breathtaking if carried out by an aircraft flying over the unforgettable spectacle of the passage of cetaceans, since it does not disturb their natural habitat. Observing the majestic nature of the largest mammal in the world, the Blue Whale, from an aerial point of view, leaves passengers with an incomparable experience and an understanding of the true greatness of beauty and grace of the species.

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