Kamchatka – Why does everyone want it…?

Kamchatka – Why does everyone want it…?

Kamchatka Russia

All Risiko fans and players have asked themselves this question …

Days and nights spent shouting “Kamchatka or death !!” or “I’ll attack Kamchatka !!”

So why does everyone want it?

We have the answer, which we also gave during our recent webinar.

We have discovered the reason that made us spend so much time trying to conquer it, and it is very simple: because it is fantastic, of breathtaking natural beauty and it is absolutely one of the most fascinating places in the world.

Kamchatka is a Russian peninsula, located in the far east of Siberia. It is over 2.000 kilometers long, as big as Italy and overlooks the Pacific Ocean, inhabited by just 300.000 people concentrated mostly in three cities in the south.

The territory is wild and mountainous, with over thirty active volcanoes, rich in forests, crystal clear lakes and streams where salmon rise, geysers and hundreds of thermal springs.

Its capital, Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky, was founded in 1740 by the Danish explorer Vitus Bering (hence the name of the homonymous strait that separates Kamchatka from Alaska).

Outside the city there is the undisputed dominion of flora and fauna: the area boasts, precisely, a significant number of giant bears, sheep, hawks and giant crabs.

The protagonist of this land is the Kamchatka brown bear. It reaches three meters in height and easily reaches 700 kilos, so much so that its largest specimens compete with the polar bear for the title of the largest terrestrial carnivore in the world. He is even shunned by the Siberian tiger who often gets the worst of it when he meets him. One bear can be counted for approximately 30 inhabitants.

Kamchatka is a real sanctuary of nature thanks to its (almost) entirely untouched territory, where there is a clear perception that it is not man who dictates the law.

Man who is threatening the ecosystem with the massive extraction of gas and raw materials of which the territory is rich, and reckless hunting for the most characteristic and endangered species.

So stop with the attacks on Kamchatka and let’s try with responsible and eco-sustainable tourism to support this wonderful land in preserving its fantastic ecosystem.

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING completes the Academy Connection offer

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING completes the Academy Connection offer

Academy Tourism Connection

After having successfully implemented the Academy Connection e.learning platform aimed at the training of our products, in these difficult months we have decided to make our knowledge available to be alongside travel agencies.

In collaboration with Sekante Srl, a company specialized in business coaching and professional training, we now offer specialization courses dedicated to travel agents and tourism professionals. The courses are all the most appropriate tools to face “The New Era” and the new challenges to which we will be subjected on the occasion of the restart.

Together with Luca Fabbroni, owner of Sekante, psychologist, business coach and profound connoisseur of the world of tourism, we have developed a course consisting of 5 training modules (which can also be purchased separately, ed) to accompany tourism professionals through a new and advanced mental attitude to better meet the expectations of a constantly evolving audience.

In the appropriate section of the ACADEMY CONNECTION https://www.tourismconnection.it/academy/formazione-professionale/ you will find a training path that starts from the new mental attitude, the dynamic Mindset, and then continues with the necessary training assisted by ” cavalieri “trust and motivation, arriving at structured sales through customer management with its system of influences.

The individual modules have been structured with an appropriate duration of approx. 30-40 minutes at a low promotional price, especially if purchased all in a single solution.

By registering, you can always count on Luca’s assistance through the appropriate messaging and access the Connection Community Academy on Facebook to share experiences, doubts or suggestions for the “New Era” with us and always be updated on future initiatives .

At the end you will receive a “Certificate of Participation”.

Have a nice training!



Emirati Arabi

A few days ago the mission of the United Arab Emirates space agency arrived in the orbit of Mars, with the auspicious name of Hope, one of the greatest challenges in history and one of the country’s most daring initiatives.

Hope is an “orbiter”, a satellite that for at least one Martian year (almost two Earth years) will study the climate, meteorology and atmospheric composition of the red planet, in particular the levels of oxygen and hydrogen.

It was built at the University of Colorado’s Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics, and unlike other rovers that populate the surface, it will instead remain in orbit and study the planet from above.

To create awareness in the country of this important fact, a rather unusual event was held.

A few days ago a very strange phenomenon appeared in the sky above Dubai. Local residents were baffled when they saw two huge celestial objects in the night sky.

After the succession of the strangest scientific theories (and not only …), the mystery has been revealed: Phobos and Deimos, the two moons orbiting Mars, have been projected into the sky using a new technology never seen before in the United Arab Emirates .

Two giant 100-meter cranes and a 40-meter advanced screen were used to make the moons appear realistically in the sky and visible from long distances, with the intent to illustrate to UAE residents what Hope is capturing at 500 million. of miles away.

As a first step towards the conquest of space nothing better than to bring the two moons of Mars to Earth.

JORDAN – Lawrence of Arabia

JORDAN – Lawrence of Arabia


One of the most recurring characters on a trip to Jordan is undoubtedly Thomas Edward Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia.

Born in Wales in 1888, since his college days he undertook several trips to the Middle East, visiting Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Egypt. In 1914 he was enlisted in the cartographic service of the British army in Egypt, before moving on to military and political intelligence.

His main task was to deal with relations with the Arabs as an officer of the British secret services but in 1916 after coming into close contact with the Arab prince Faisal as a liaison officer, he began to operate with the task of fomenting the Arab Revolt. against the Turkish occupiers, allied with the Germans.

The first important victory, Lawrence achieved on 6 July 1917 with the conquest of the port of Aqaba, on the Red Sea. His base of operations from which he departed with the expedition was the Wadi Rum desert.

In December 1917, already known for all as “Lawrence of Arabia” and in command of the Arab contingent, he participated in the triumphal entry of the Anglo-Arab forces into Jerusalem and subsequently in the conquest of Damascus in October 1918 together with General Allenby, head of the British forces in the Middle East.

This was his last important operation, in fact after the war Lawrence experienced a period of unrest. In fact, in addition to having fought with great pride and having won the trust of the Arabs, at the same time he followed the orders of the British command somewhat ambiguously.

He then had strong feelings of guilt when at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, the Middle East and the Arab peoples were put at the services of the British and French.

He was also a very proud and ambitious character and with the desire to spread his myth, in 1919 Lawrence had begun to write his war memories, which were published in 1926 under the title “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom”.

He died in 1935 from a serious and still mysterious motorcycle accident.