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Advanced Training for Travel Agents and Tourism Professionals

A revolution that the pandemic is accelerating

The context of the tourism and more generally of the services connected to it is going through a fast evolution and not only for the effects of the pandemic.
Customers are increasingly discovering the pleasure of’decision-making autonomy and the enthusiasm of manage the organization of their travels, be they for work, leisure, well-being, culture…

The intermediation figures risk to be belittled and with them the professionalism and skills accumulate.
Covid-19 has further penalized the category of professionals, especially those who have more difficulties, little will or possibility of transformation towards a change-oriented mindset.

The opportunity to improve

Tourism Connection® and Sekante Srl, have therefore decided to systematize their experiences and skills to guide professionals along the transformation of the sector.

  • Tourism Connection® thanks to a capillary work of discovery and networking for over 20 years it offers to travel agents and tour operators the possibility of operating in new places, the knowledge of new destinations and horizons.
  • Sekante Srl is a start-up that offers next generation management training and consulting.

Tourism Connection®'s reading, observation and knowledge skills and Sekante's modern career and business coaching methodologies come together to build First Online Academy of the Tourism Sector.



Which equipment will they be indispensable? What it will be like to own one Travel agency? How should tour operators be adapted? Which skills are lacking today to professionals for be found ready to the "new era"? These and other questions guided the survey conducted in the months of the first lock-down.
The outcome of the major market research led to the development of the themes of our courses.

The courses ACADEMY CONNECTION respond to real needs of sector operators with training modules, methodologies, elements of reflection e international best practices.

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  • Each training proposal has the characteristic of being very short and effective: about 30-40 minutes of online training with alternation of methodological aspects and practical training. No beating around the bush or wasting time for those who sell courses by the minute: straight to the point, always.
  • Each training module provides the possibility of take the course at any time as it is always accessible on the platform.
  • Each training module provides an advantageous price, in order to allow everyone in this emergency moment, to enjoy high professionalism at cost price.
  • Each training module is led by a professional in the field of training and organizational consultancy.
  • The purchase of the complete course package allows you to enjoy an additional Discount.


The peculiarity of the training modules you see below lies in the unprecedented synergy of two key elements: l’in-depth knowledge of the tourism context of the Tourism Connection team, and the expertise in the field of next generation organizational change of Sekante.
Unlike the thousand generic training courses on sales and business organization, this synergy has given rise to a course specifically designed for tourism operators. It is therefore no coincidence that it is the only Italian company training academy for the sector.




Towards the Dynamic Mindset.
The intent of the module is to offer a review of one's way of approach the trade, daily life, business management, customer relations comparing our mindset acquired and static with that future: evolutionary and dynamic. What prevents it development of what we want? Which obstacles insides prevent my getting ready for it new era? Which learning planning I put in place thinking about when tourism will restart a full speed?


Module 2: Be ready

Getting ready for recovery is a matter of training.
The intent of the module is to offer a organizational and mental training model to be found trained at new era. How do you train for the future? What operational guidelines can I use for mine visualization and future concretization? The module uses the questions as a training tool, so that everyone can reproduce them over time and give continuity to their own mental and organizational gymnastics.



The Knights of the New Era.
The intent of the module is to lead to reflect on the need for that confidence and personal motivation become daily allies. There trust is an element to be rediscovered, often confused with other words and anchored in the successes we have achieved in our experiences, lives and careers. There motivation it is often drawn as a particle that must arrive from the outside, while on the contrary this represents the personal energy contribution that each of us must be able to train to achieve the desired performance.

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and its Influence System.
The intent of the module is to offer a substantial improvement of one's own way of managing customers. What beliefs prevent you from experiencing new management models? What use of the technology accompanies the customer management model? As it comes segmentata the clientele in my agency and the agencies in my Tour Operator?

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Listening and needs.
The intent of the module is to enhance the ability to analyze needs of customers through the listening process. Often what is observed in the relationship between travel agent and client in the agency it is a conversation full of information, very long-winded and not always effective and useful. How can improve that relationship? How to train listening e which listening is most useful with which client? How to transfer this information to the Tour Operator in order to package the most suitable package?


The modules that have been designed are aimed at figures operating in the tourism sector of travel especially to entrepreneurs who find themselves coordinating the market recovery in the coming months, ai freelancers operating in the field of consultancy for sale O organizational context do you travel and organization of events related to tourism, to those who in their position of employees want to evolve their skills and grow while maintaining the technical skills of the sector.

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